Tie Dye

Long-Sleeved Shirt


Youth S - Adult XXL: $30

*Each shirt is individually dyed.

Tie dye pattern will vary.


 Youth S - Adult XXL: $20

*Each shirt is individually dyed.

Tie dye pattern will vary.


Short-Sleeved Shirt

The Bluebird Dance, a children's book by 3IJF founder Erin O'Loughlin. It's a sweet and simple story about a bluebird family, held together by a very strong bond. When it comes time for the baby bluebirds to find the courage to spread their wings and explore the world on their own, the family must search for a place where they can all stay together, yet each create a home for themselves. Join Mama, Papa, Grace, Patrick & Thomas on their wild and funny adventures as they search for the perfect home!

The Bluebird

 Dance Paperback

Signed Copy: $25

Unsigned copy: $20.45

Signed copies available by contacting us, or unsigned copies may be purchased through Amazon.

*All proceeds benefit 3 Bluebirds Farm

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