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Social clubs for teens and young adults

Learning to Fly


Take Flight Clubs

Take Flight Clubs (TFC), a division of 3 Bluebirds Farm, are a host of community-based programs for teens & young adults with intellectual and developmental learning differences to build social skills, community and life-long friendships in a loving and supportive environment. 


The uniqueness of our programs is that we adjust to the changing needs of our participants. Our goal is to deliver services that support the unique needs of teens with social differences.


3 Bluebirds Farm offers opportunities to practice life skills and social skills through our Take Flight Clubs:

Pizza & Movie Nights at the farm


Cooking Classes

Art, Music & Dance


Holiday Events

Restaurant Outings  

Volunteer Days -- Giving Back to the Community

And much more as our programs continue to expand! 

If this is your child’s first time participating then we must have an application packet on file, so please click on the link below and fill out all information and submit. The link will automatically take you to 3 forms upon submitting: Application, COVID-19 Protocols, and our Agritourism & Equine Waivers. Note: We must have all completed Information before you can register your child for a program. Thank you!

Click Here to Apply

1. Apply

2. Sign Up for the next Event

We need all new and returning families to register for EACH Take Flight Club if you wish for your teen to participate. Please click on the appropriate link below to register your teen.

Group A:
Saturday, January 14th

Let's get this new year rollin' with some bowlin'!

We are starting out 2023 with one of the club favorites, BOWLING! 

Cost: $35 per person

WHEN: Saturday, January 14th, from 12:30-2:30[,

WHERE: AMF South Hills Lanes, 301 Nottingham Dr, Cary, NC 27511

NOTE: This is a different time from our usual time window. Saturday afternoons and evenings are prime party and league times, meaning more music, lights, and sounds.  In the interest of a better sensory experience for participants, we decided to change the time of the activity.  Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.  Sign up below.

your teen or young adult must meet Group A Criteria in order to participate in Take flight clubs:

Due to lack of participation, we have had to make the sad decision to discontinue Take Flight Clubs for Group B (autism 3). We understand that you know your child the best and we feel confident that you know whether or not your child will gain a meaningful experience from a social club for Group A participants. However, we fully understand that there are individuals who "fall in the middle," and if you need our guidance in helping you with your decision, we are more than happy to help. If you have questions or need additional information, please don't hesitate to give us a call. 

Group A (Autism 1 & 2)

Criteria for Group A Participants (teen or young adult on the autism spectrum demonstrates all of the following):

  • Does not require a 1:1 aide. 

  • Does not eat inedible objects (Pica)

  • Ability to participate in activities without disruptive behaviors that interrupt the event.

  • Can be paired with other participants.

  • Willingness and ability to participate in group activities that require conversational skills.

  • Ability to follow verbal directions.

  • Usually is able to verbalize wants and needs.

  • Independence in all daily living skills (toileting, eating, dressing).

  • Ability to remain in open space without wandering or running.

Group B (Autism 3)

(TFC no longer offered, due to lack of interest)

Criteria for Group B participants (teen or young adult on the autism spectrum who demonstrates some or most of the following):

  • Is non-verbal, or mostly non-verbal, and does not consistently respond to requests or instructions.

  • Is unable to participate in a reciprocal conversation with others and/or answer open-ended questions.

  • Requires 1:1 supervision at all or most times.

  • Unable to verbalize wants and needs.

  • Tendency to wander or run away. 

  • Noise sensitivity, or tendency to become easily over-stimulated and stressed.

  • Tendency to have “meltdowns.”

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