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A Subscription to Farm Fresh Eggs Every Week

Our 40 hens and turkey (protected by our 5 roosters, 2 livestock guardian dogs, and 3 donkeys!) have become famous for laying BEAUTIFUL (and tasty!) eggs. We feed our hens an all-organic diet, rich with Omega-3s, and a variety of organic fruits and vegetables every day, which produces delicious eggs. Since we have several breeds of lovely hens, they lay multiple colors of beautiful eggs, from our signature color blue, to brown, to green, to pink! And if you choose the 3 Bluebirds Farm Subscription service, you never have to worry about supplies running low because we reserve your weekly order for you! Sign up for 1-3 dozen eggs per week, choose your weekly pick up day, and pay up front each month.​ You can cancel at any time.

• $32/month for 1 dozen a week
•$64/month for 2 dozen a week
• $96/month for 3 dozen a week 

Due to popular demand, we currently have a waitlist for our egg subscriptions. If you would like to be added to our waitlist, please email us HERE and send us your name, email address, phone number, and the number of eggs a week you would like a week and we will get back to you as soon as there is an opening.


Fresh eggs from our farm to your table


Our Camp Bluebird campers help us feed the hens, collect their eggs, date the eggs, then place them carefully into our cartons every day. So by simply purchasing a dozen eggs, you are helping individuals with autism work on important life skills every day at our farm.

Free range eggs


Free range eggs are not only nutritionally superior to conventional store-bought eggs, they taste better too! Our eggs come from healthy, happy laying hens that live in a protected environment with all day free range and pasture access. They're handled and loved on every day, while protected from predators by our 2 livestock guardian dogs, Maverick & Sundance, and our 3 donkeys, Pearl, JoJo & Dolly. We feed our hens a high quality organic and non-soy feed enriched with Omega-3s for added health benefits, along with fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and grubs every day, producing a far superior egg with deep orange yolks.

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