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Camp Bluebird, a division of 3 Bluebirds Farm, is a track-out and summer farm camp program for children with autism, grades K-8. We have a dedicated, creative and professional staff working in a safe

and stimulating environment for children.

We are now holding our camp programs at our new farm in Raleigh, where we are continuing to focus on three primary objectives in a farm-based environment:

Social skills, play skills, and life skills.

Exploring Outside of the Nest

Admissions process

NOTICE: We require all parents & caregivers to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. We strongly encourage our participants to be vaccinated, though we are not requiring it. However, if a child is not vaccinated, we will be requiring a negative weekly test to be shown within 48 hours of each Monday of camp. We appreciate your understanding of our need to take this very seriously. We have immunocompromised children attending camp, as well as immunocompromised staff, so 3 Bluebirds Farm must take into consideration every safety measurement that the data provides. 

General Application Process

  1. Fill out our online Interest Form.

  2. Once a spot becomes available for your child's group (group A or B, please read below for criteria), we will send you an application and then call you to schedule a parent/child visit to Camp Bluebird.

  3. After your visit, we will contact you with an admissions decision.

  • For all families: Upon acceptance into our program, staff will send you an Enrollment Packet and other necessary forms to register your child.

  • For traditional calendar families: Once accepted, we will invoice you for a 50% deposit of your TOTAL chosen summer sessions, plus a $150 non-refundable intent deposit to reserve your child's spot(s). For track-out families, an annual Enrollment Contract will be sent to you, along with your invoice for the first session, plus a $150 non-refundable intent deposit.


Camp Bluebird Sessions*

8:30 AM — 3:00 PM

Monday — Friday

Track-Out Camp Sessions:
Winter: January 3-18 ($1092)
Spring: March 27 - April 21 ($1820)
Summer**: July 10 - 28 ($1365)
Fall: October 2 - 20 ($1365)

Summer Camp Sessions:
Session 1: June 12 - 30 ($1365)
Session 2: August 7 - 25 ($1365)

*Camp Bluebird follows the Track 4 Year-Round Calendar

and the Traditional Calendar for the

Wake County Public School System.

**We offer our track-out families first priority for this session. If there are available spots, we will open up those spots for our traditional families.

Hours of operation


We truly aim to keep our tuition as low as possible, and we now have a waitlist consisting of many families who are in great need of our full sessions, therefore partial sessions are not an option at this time. Each session is valued at roughly $91.00 a day (or $14.00 an hour), and in return your child will receive loving individualized care in a peaceful and safe setting that will never go below a 1:3 trained staff to child ratio, with several additional volunteers and interns. Furthermore, all of us understand autism across the entire spectrum. Please call us with any questions.

What we Offer 

We provide children with autism a hands-on experience through gardening, animal care and sustainability related activities. We are currently tending to chickens, rabbits, cats, maremma sheepdogs, and horses, along with a variety of vegetable gardens. Weekly themes and activities are structured around various nature, nutrition & environmental themes with an emphasis on growing our own food and total animal care. We collect eggs daily and learn how to take care of our crops & farm animals every day.

Why 2 Groups?

Our goal is to provide an experience that is fun and meaningful for each participant. Our observations have led us to understand that we can provide a better, more enjoyable experience for participants by maintaining a balance of two different groups together in our camp activities. By maintaining that balance, we can tailor activities more precisely so that individual participation might increase and, as a result, be more enjoyable for all. Additionally, and just as importantly, we are able to ensure appropriate staff for each session.

We understand that you know your child the best and we feel confident that you will choose the best group for your child. However, after your initial tour, we may offer guidance as to which group we feel that your child would reach his/her fullest potential at Camp Bluebird.

Which Group To Register your Child?

Group A (Autism 1 & 2)

Criteria for Group A Participants (child on the autism spectrum demonstrates all of the following):

  • Does not require a 1:1 aide. 

  • Does not eat inedible objects (Pica)

  • Ability to participate in activities without disruptive behaviors that interrupt the event.

  • Can be paired with other participants.

  • Willingness and ability to participate in group activities that require conversational skills.

  • Ability to follow verbal directions.

  • Usually is able to verbalize wants and needs.

  • Independence in all daily living skills (toileting, eating, dressing).

  • Ability to remain in open space without wandering or running.

Group B (Autism 3)

Criteria for Group B participants (child on the autism spectrum who demonstrates some or most of the following):

  • Is non-verbal, or mostly non-verbal, and does not consistently respond to requests or instructions.

  • Is unable to participate in a reciprocal conversation with others and/or answer open-ended questions.

  • Requires 1:1 supervision at all or most times.

  • Unable to verbalize wants and needs.

  • Tendency to wander or run away. 

  • Noise sensitivity, or tendency to become easily over-stimulated and stressed.

  • Tendency to have “meltdowns.”

1:3 staff to camper ratio

Background check performed on all staff & volunteers

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