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Who We Plan To Become

Welcome to our vision!

Our Plan

For adults with autism who have aged out of school, we want to offer a planned residential farm community with up to 25 on-site residents. Resident homes will house 4-5 individuals with 2-3 house parents in each location. We will also continue our farm camps for school-aged children and teens with autism.

On-site micro-businesses will serve two main purposes: Vocational opportunities for our participants, as well as revenue for operational expenses. Businesses include an event site for community rental, on-site farm stand, farmer’s market, and shared community gardens for local farmers & restaurants.

3 Bluebirds Farm Will...



On our farm, our residents can practice the rural arts. They can care for, and own, animals. They can grow their own food, clean it, help cook it, and share it with others - thus understanding the connection between the land, work and need. 

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