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Come grow with us

Image by Elaine Casap

Community Garden

The mission of the 3 Bluebirds Farm Community Garden, to bring together members of the community who would enjoy working a container garden(s) at 3 Bluebirds Farm (3BBF). Our purpose is to bring people together at the farm to enjoy the pleasures and benefits of growing a few healthy vegetables or fruits with others of similar interest and to promote the Farm’s campers and staff with opportunities to share their joy and experience with farming with others on a small scale. It is the intention of the 3BBF Community Garden to promote access to healthy food that is safe from known or potentially dangerous industrial chemicals that can be hazardous to health or which have been shown or believed to be detrimental to health and behavior. And, through this opportunity to bring the community together, we will promote the overall mission of 3BBF and the importance of inclusion for families impacted by autism.

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