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Paint Brushes

"1 in 44"
By Maria Baluis

44 Paintings for 1 in 44 Children

About This Fundraiser



Maria Baluis, 3BBF parent, friend, and amazing artist, started a fundraiser back in April (autism acceptance month) called "1 in 44," where 100% of the proceeds will go directly to 3 Bluebirds Farm. Her goal was to create 44 (4"x4") paintings, representing 1 in 44 children identified with autism each year in the U.S. (Since then the prevalence rate has increased to 1 in 36).  

We are excited to announce that Maria has accomplished her goal and all 44 are complete!

Please consider purchasing one of these beautiful and commemorative pieces at $50 per painting.

For purchasing and shipping information, click below to contact Maria.

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