COVID-19 Updates, Resources & Activities

For Individuals with Special Needs

Below is a list of resources & activities that we have come across

and will continue to update on a regular basis. We hope you find them helpful!

Exercise/Play Resources for Families

Impacted by Autism

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga (submitted by our friends, the Girl Scout Lyndhurst Troop 44)

  • is where you'll find some of Camp Bluebird's favorite interactive songs.

Academic & Life Skills Resources for Families

Impacted by Autism

  • APPS for Autistic Learners:

- Sight Words

- Sequences for Autism

- See Touch Learn

- Words on Wheels

- Verbal Me

- Autism iHelp

- Autism DDT Shapes

- Autism DDT Letters

- Speech with Milo

  • provides virtual field trips that many can probably follow and is informational about animals and science.

  • has several games ranging from pre-k through 5th grade.

  • has different celebrities reading books that your child can listen to and

  • Accessible Chef is a collection of free visual recipes & other resources to help teach cooking skills to individuals with disabilities.


Virtual Field Trips for Families

Impacted by Autism

June 12, 2020

Message to our Supporters


Dear Friends,


Our organization is now ready for a Phase II Re-Entry. We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us over these past stressful months, and who has donated money and gift cards to safely transition our campers and staff back into camp for much-needed structure, socialization and activity.

Starting Monday, June15th, we are permitting our Camp Bluebird campers, volunteers and staff back to camp for a Phase II Re-Entry. We have long awaited this moment to invite our friends back to Camp — our mission would not be possible without each and every one of you. In continuation of our safety protocol, we are enforcing strict standards outlined in this document and included in a pledge that we'll ask our community members to abide by and sign upon re-entry to our facilities.

We remain in a vulnerable and scary period and want to emphasize that the physical safety of our families, staff and volunteers is of utmost priority. We appreciate your patience throughout our re-entry process. Until we can congregate together as a larger community, we hope you'll stay connected through our Facebook page and Newsletter.

We look forward to 'seeing' you there and encourage you to extend the invitations to your networks, too.

With gratitude,


Erin J. O'Loughlin

Founder & President

3 Bluebirds Farm



May 6, 2020

Message to Camp Bluebird Families


Dear Camp Bluebird Families, 


We hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy in these uncertain times. We certainly miss you around here and can’t wait to see all of your shining faces when we’re all able to gather together again.


As we go through this unique period of rapidly changing information, we wanted to send you an update on happenings at Camp Bluebird. After Governor Roy Cooper’s update last night, here are are our current plans. Please keep in mind that these plans are subject to change as this virus forces us to be prepared for an ever-changing situation.


At this time, all programs scheduled to take place at Camp Bluebird this summer are scheduled as planned. This includes Summer Session 1 (June 15-26) & Summer Session 2 (August 3-21) for our Traditional Calendar Families; and Summer Track-Out Session (July 8-31) for our Year-Round Families. 

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, our agritourism permit and zoning has been greatly delayed with Wake County in order to operate camp at our new location. We are hoping for the best, but are preparing for the possibility that we may need to continue operating camp at our Holly Springs location this summer, with the plan to start camp at the farm this fall. 


Rest assured, our priority is to deliver a safe and healthy experience to our cherished campers and families. We will be sending out more details at a future time, however Camp Bluebird will have to look slightly different this summer, and we are working through some creative ideas on structure for that as well. We are scrubbing down and disinfecting every nook and cranny now, and we plan on taking temperatures of all children and family members before they enter camp every day. Staff will be required to wear face masks, and for those children who will tolerate a mask, we will be asking them to wear one too. We will be practicing social distancing as much as possible and we will not be utilizing the playground, but will instead be taking walks and hanging out on the front stoop playing water games and practicing life skills. More details to come.

Please keep up to date with the 3 Bluebirds Farm Covid-19 webpage, which includes updates about our organization’s operation but also some valuable resources (including visual supports) that might be of assistance to you and your family during this time.  You can also track what is happening at camp on our 3 Bluebirds Farm Facebook Page


Thank you for the love and support you have shown us, and we want to thank you as well for the above and beyond task of managing your jobs, homeschooling, isolating at home while caring for your loved ones with autism – you are our heroes. 


Please reach out if we can be of assistance.  We have weathered many storms together over the years, and as always, we will continue to do our very best for you. 


You are all in our thoughts — stay safe, 

Erin J. O'Loughlin

Founder & President

3 Bluebirds Farm



March 24, 2020

Message to the Camp Bluebird Families


Dear Camp Bluebird Families,

We take great pride in community, which provides connections, camaraderie, and support. Although these qualities are among 3 Bluebird Farm’s greatest strengths, we also recognize that these are extraordinary times that require exceptional measures to deal with a health risk that affects us all.


We are following guidance from the CDC, local authorities, and the broader business community. Based on Governor Roy Cooper's announcement today to extend the date of NC school closures, and our desire to protect the health and well-being of our community from COVID-19, we have come to the difficult decision to remain closed for the entire Camp Bluebird Spring Track-Out Session. We will be actively reviewing the situation to determine when we may open again.


Families, we will be issuing a credit for the Summer Track-Out Session. The credit will appear during the next billing cycle when facilities are open. For those families who still owe money for the Spring Track-Out Session, you will be invoiced and payment is due upon receipt. Any changes to our policies will be communicated via email, as this is an ever-changing situation.


We have been overwhelmed by the support that we have received via social media, phone calls, and emails since this crisis began. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, as this is a difficult time for everyone. As you know, this global pandemic will have a significant impact on all businesses, large and small—but especially small nonprofits.


Many of you responded asking about staff compensation and overhead costs during our temporary closure. I know you are concerned about how our organization will survive this. Our commitment to employees is to take care of as many as we can, as well as we can, and for as long as we can. We will weather this storm together. This closure is providing us with a unique opportunity to take inventory of key projects for our staff to tackle while we are closed to the public. We are freeing up as many resources as we can to make this happen. And we are a resilient group -- we will get through this. 


It has to be said that tuition and donations account for the majority of our overall revenue. We have had some incredibly generous offers from parents to opt in to pay their Spring Track-Out Session tuition to support staff compensation and overhead costs during the closure. This gesture was completely unexpected and is a truly awe-inspiring testament to the strength and kindness of our community. While it’s not our expectation for anyone to opt in, we are providing you the option to help support our staff and overhead expenses here. Thank you, thank you. For families who choose this option, be assured that 100% of your full tuition credit will go directly towards paying our staff who are working on tasks and projects that continue to move 3 Bluebirds Farm forward and to help lessen the sting of our overhead costs, such as our farm mortgage, office mortgage, liability insurance and bills that must be paid. Furthermore, you can count your gift as a donation for tax purposes later on!


Another idea: Many small businesses are asking for patrons to buy gift cards. This is an action that can help keep companies afloat, since it provides the business cash now for services to be redeemed later.


So those are some ways that you can help. During our temporary closure, we are working on ways to make sure that our community stays connected and healthy. Starting next week, we will begin some fun videos to share with you, as well as another exciting opportunity we are working on (stay tuned!), and we will continue to help you in any way that we can with resources and check-ins. So… we’re forging ahead! We stay the course! We understand this is a challenging time for everyone. Thank you all for your efforts and care for each other during this time of heightened anxiety. By sticking together, six feet apart, we feel confident that we’re going to be able to weather the storm. We will come through this together and we will keep in touch with you every step of the way.


Thank you for your support and I promise that future messages won't be so long. Stay safe everyone!


Stay well,


Erin J. O'Loughlin

Founder & President

3 Bluebirds Farm


COVID-19 Spring Tuition Credit Donation Form


March 23, 2020

Message to the Community


Dear 3 Bluebirds Farm Community,


On behalf of 3 Bluebirds Farm administration and staff, we hope you are all healthy and faring well through this trying time. These are unprecedented times. COVID-19 (coronavirus) is a global pandemic and a national emergency, and nobody is certain what the days ahead hold.


It’s hard to imagine more difficult circumstances for operating 3 Bluebirds Farm and Camp Bluebird. We are a community organization. We bring people touched by autism together – from all backgrounds and circumstances – and create personal connections that change lives through our programs. But the nature of this virus, and how it spreads, presents significant challenges for our organization.


Following updated recommendations from the CDC, Governor Cooper, public school systems and our state and local health departments, we are temporarily suspending all 3 Bluebirds Farm access and activities from our facilities. This includes Camp Bluebird and Take Flight Clubs access to all facilities. This is effective at 8 p.m., Monday, March 16, until at least Sunday, April 5. It is important to note that this schedule is subject to change based on the rapid evolution of this pandemic and its subsequent impact on the safety of our children, families and staff. Ultimately, even though we are committed to minimizing the disruption to our families, the decision on when to reopen will be predicated on the advice of health officials.


During our suspension, our staff will be sharing communications, resources, and valuable links here for the community. Additional videos and other material will be continually added while our organization is closed. We hope you find these resources helpful! 


We know how much our services and the programs we deliver mean to you and your family – and how important they are to the overall community health of those touched by autism. On behalf of everyone at 3 Bluebirds Farm, I ask that you remain a part of our team and continue to support the critical work we do in our community. The significant impact we have on individuals, children, families and those who need us most is dependent on our tuition fees that we are not able to charge at this time… and donations. Your donations enable our organization to help the autism community, support our employees and remain strong through these extraordinary circumstances. Our hope is that this suspension in services will be brief.


Our 3 Bluebirds Farm website is the best place to stay updated on 3BBF facilities, schedules and programs. Check our site often for the latest information. We are committed to working safely and confidently as we move through and emerge from this health crisis together.


Thank you for your partnership, your patience and your trust. Your participation and engagement make 3 Bluebirds Farm the organization it is. 3BBF is not a place. It is a collection of people joined together, all of us, committed to improving lives and strengthening the autism community.


Stay well,



Erin J. O'Loughlin

Founder & President

3 Bluebirds Farm