Who We Hope To Become

We have quite the journey ahead of us, but these are our long-term goals. Welcome to our vision!

why a "farm"

The therapeutic benefits of life and work on a farm have been studied and documented for years. Along with its safer, quieter environment, and many opportunities for exercise, a farm gives individuals with autism a chance to do meaningful, purposeful work, which creates a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, farm work can easily be tailored to an individual’s interests and abilities. 

Our Plan

For autistic adults 18+ who have aged out of school services, we want to offer a planned residential farm community with up to 20 on-site residents and full-time caregivers. Resident homes will house 4-5 individuals with 2-3 staff members in each location. We will also continue our day camp, summer, and track-out programs for school-aged children with autism.

Builds Understanding

On a farm, the individual can practice the rural arts. They can care for, and own, animals. They can grow their own food, clean it, help cook it, and share it with others - thus understanding the connection between the land, work and need. 

On-site micro-businesses will serve two main purposes: Vocational opportunities for our participants, as well as revenue for operational expenses. Businesses include an on-site coffee stand, farmer’s market, shared crop space for local farmers & restaurants, and an artisan shop for participants to sell their artwork.

Local individuals & Restaurants  can utilize our farm's space by renting portions of our land for growing crops and flowers.

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